The Purpose Of A Drug Hotline

You have heard of a crisis line. This is a phone number anyone can call 24 hours a day, 365 days each year. Someone is always waiting to listen to callers in crisis, people who are despondent, alone, even suicidal or homicidal. They are at the bottom and have no one to talk to, or they have exhausted their personal support people and are still struggling. Drug addicts have their own hotlines and they operate in cialis a similar way.

PhoneThe Purpose of a Hotline

You call a drug cialis hotline when you are in trouble or someone you care for is in trouble with drugs. It is an anonymous place to get help. All you hear is a voice and all they hear is your voice.

Your identity is not revealed unless you choose to reveal it, but hotline workers do not want to know cialis online that information unless you plan to cause harm to yourself or someone else.

Most people will phone a drug hotline because they want information. Maybe certain signs of addiction are showing up in their lives, but they want to be sure before they sign up for counseling with an addiction specialist. They feel like they are going crazy or just a little bit confused sometimes. Their moods swing back and forth and not just a little, but a lot. When they have not used drugs for a little while, addicts feel shaky or sick as though they have the flu.

It might have gone beyond that and the substance abuser knows it too. What he needs to hear is someone telling him to visit the detox clinic at his nearest emergency room. Being told what to do by mom or dad is not the same as hearing this direction from a qualified stranger.

Guardians, partners, and parents see someone in their lives behaving strangely. A child ignores calls from his friends. He stops going out at the weekends and stays in his room. His skin is pale and his hair is lank. A parent loses weight. These loving people have their suspicions. One way to confirm them is to call an addiction helpline

The addict or the addict’s family can make the call. Getting an answer is nerve wracking, but better than hanging on wondering and fearing the worst.

What Will They Ask?

Hotline workers ask a variety of questions. They want to know more about a person’s behavior. They might ask if the person of concern is stealing, twitching, or violent. She could be concerned about a person’s work performance or grades.

They also want to know what drugs a substance abuser is using. The side effects and withdrawal symptoms resulting from certain substances are dangerous. Those closest to the drug addict should be aware of the dangers.

Some substance abuse helplines are connected directly to particular rehabilitation centers. In a large city with a major rehab facility, this number is manned morning and night, every day of the year.

What a Hotline is Not

A hotline is not a replacement for counseling or rehab. The people working at the other end could be trained professional therapists or volunteers, but they are not there to give a diagnosis. They provide a calm and caring response to someone’s trouble.

If the helpline is based in a state or town, the listener might be able to suggest a course of action. She is not able to guarantee entry into a facility unless the addict or co-dependent phones the 24-hour number at a rehab facility.


A lot of trauma victims have great difficulty saying what is wrong. Uttering them and hearing them painful beyond description, so they do not want to phone a helpline, even though their anonymity is guaranteed. Trauma causes shame, even though the victim is not responsible for what happened. It is common for a victim of abuse to feel guilty and to feel fearful that as soon as someone hears what happened, she will confirm her fear.

Maybe, when this is the case, an addict would feel more comfortable writing an email. Certain helplines are internet question pages. Participants post their questions to rehab staff. A questionnaire guides them to the answers that are wanted: answers about the drugs being used, symptoms, duration of drug abuse, and the age of the person.

If you can still do neither of these things but know the call has to be made or email posted, there is one other choice: get someone to do it for you. Ask a family member to help you.

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